High THrust Propulsion for any


Our small satellite and hydrazine replacement propulsion products are
redefining what’s possible - on the ground and in orbit.


reusable space launch

Dawn are developing a launch vehicle capable of flight to space, multiple times per day.

Grow your Cubesat Capabilities
with Dawn

SUPERIOR Resolution and connectivity

Maintain VLEO ≤200km. You can now fly closer to the Earth than anyone else, meaning unparalleled resolution for sensors and superior latency and bandwidth for communications.

Unbeatable deployment speed

Get your constellation online faster than any form of electric propulsion. High thrust get’s your assets phased and on station, distributing your satellites around the planet in days, as opposed to months with electric propulsion.


⚠️Warning ⚠️As many as 20% of satellites are now struck by space debris during their life. Avoid them with 20min warning, or less by ultra fast orbital manoeuvring.

Eliminate, toxic, DEADLY, EXPENSIVE fuels

Eliminate hydrazine and the associated personnel risks. Move to the world’s leading green bi-propellant alternative.

Increase the life of your satellite by a factor of 10+

Use Dawn’s propulsion modules to work against orbital decay compensation and increase the life of your satellite exponentially. Control the exact lifetime of your satellite too. At the end of life, achieve de-orbiting compliance.

Insurance against unforeseen launch issues

Through precision orbit injection, if something unforeseen happens during launch or payload deployment, Dawn ensures you’ll be able to get to your correct orbit.



Daily Hypersonic, suborbital and orbital flights

The future we are developing on the back of our propulsion technology is set to revolutionise the fields of hypersonic, high altitude and microgravity research.


“Your system significantly outperforms the alternatives. In terms of development, you are definitely ahead of the competition.”

- A National Space Agency


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