Dawn hang with SOFIA, NASA’s US$1.25B 747 telescope plane

Dawn hang with SOFIA, NASA’s US$1.25B 747 telescope plane

NASA’s 747 Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is in Christchurch and Dawn popped over to take a look with DLR, the German Aerospace Center. 

Meet Dawn at the 33rd AIAA/USU SmallSat Conference, Utah

Meet Dawn at the 33rd AIAA/USU SmallSat Conference, Utah

Dawn will at the 33rd AIAA/USU SmallSat Conference 2019, August 4th - 8th, showcasing our green bi-propellant propulsion options for SmallSats (and Large Sats). Book a meeting with one of our Engineers and explore how Dawn’s high performance, sustainable bi-propellant propulsion modules could suit an upcoming mission.

Dawn achieve world's first qualification of a 3D printed pressure vessel to European Space Agency (ESA) standards

Dawn has successfully passed European Space Agency qualification standards for their 3D printed pressure vessels used in their satellite propulsion systems.

IQCapital invests in Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace receives an IQCapital investment from InnovationQuarter. The New Space company is developing a reusable spaceplane for satellite launches as well as propulsion systems powered by non-toxic gasses. Their spaceplane will fly autonomously, entering space several times a day for sustainable, flexible and cost-effective launches of small satellites.

Dawn Funding Round Lead by Tuhua Ventures

This week, Dawn Aerospace raised investment from Kiwi, American and Dutch investors.

Dawn secured Callaghan Innovation Funding for Mk-II Development

Dawn proudly received a grant from Callaghan Innovation, a leading government-backed subsidiary in New Zealand.

Mk-I Vehicle Rocket power in flight

Today we brought together our engine, our learnings from our Mk-0 vehicle and the basic Mk-I vehicle qualification to achieve rocket power in flight. 

Mk-I vehicle takes flight

Today we achieved a successful maiden flight for our Mk-I vehicle.

Mk-0 vehicle achieves first autonomous flight

Our full sensory system integration has allowed us to conduct our first fully-autonomous flight, from roll out to wheels stopped.

Mk-I Engine ground tests completed

A couple of months of development have paid off with our first from-scrach engine completing qualification testing. To date we have conducted over 50 burns without having to overhaul or conduct any maintenance.