Meet the future of satellite propulsion


The current methods of satellite propulsion will not be tolerated much longer, with the European Union planning to ban Hydrazine by 2021. Our green bi-propellant thrusters are a full and complete replacement. Experience hydrazine-like thrust, without the hazard and expense.

22N Thruster

Availability : Late 2019

Specific Impulse up to 290 s

Rapid, cold start capable
green bi-propellent

REACH compliant

 “Your system significantly outperforms the alternatives. In terms of development, you are definitely ahead of the competition.”

- NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre

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Green Bi-propellant Thruster Specifications

  • Specific Impulse up to 290 s

  • Full Hydrazine replacement

  • ESA launch standard qualified

  • Non-toxic storable propellants

  • Minimum impulse bit 35 mN.s

  • No engine start delay. No preheating catalysts or other limitations often found with other green propellants

  • Repeatability (3 σ) 5 mN.s

  • REACH compliant

  • TRL of up to 8

  • >230m/s dV from a 1U module (for a 3U satellite). Higher dV is easily achieved from larger modules

  • Fully customisable due to additive manufactured design

  • Rapid, cold start capable

  • ITAR free

  • Integrated thrust vector control for active disturbance torque compensation

  • No thruster degradation over time